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Our most international erotic masseuses have arrived in Palma de Mallorca to give you the greatest sexual pleasure of your life.

The best erotic massages in Mallorca

Angels of Mallorca is the only provider of 5 star executive sensual massages in Mallorca. We specialise in the ancient arts of tantric and erotic massage: pure, unabashed indulgence in the comfort of your home or hotel suite. There are many reasons why Angels of Mallorca has been voted the number 1 sensual tantric massage company in Mallorca for the past 9 years. Top of the list is that we only employ the most beautiful, young, educated and sophisticated escort masseuses in Mallorca. Everyone wants to work for us, but we only employ the best of the best for your erotic massage pleasure.

We have pioneered the art of sensual tantric massage techniques and each of our erotic massages is guaranteed to bring you relaxation, reduce your stress and fill you with erotic pleasure. Our masseuses will ensure that your experience is unforgettable. Try us for yourself - erotic body to body and fully nude massage couldn't be more satisfying. What defines our escort masseuses? Our girls are charismatic, beautiful, intelligent, passionate and discreet are some of the qualities our masseuses are chosen for. Their first month is spent mastering the therapeutic and tantric massage skills that will provide the basis for the unique and very sexy sensual massage choreography. We appreciate the individuality of the escort masseuses and encourage them to bring their personality and skills to the massage choreography.

Welcome to Angels of Mallorca, where we specialise in providing the best erotic massage Mallorca has to offer. Since 2011 we have prided ourselves on ensuring that we provide our valued vip clients with the most beautiful and well trained massage girls available for luxury sensual massage in Mallorca. All of our erotic masseuses have mastered the art of body to body massage after receiving specialised training. You can visit our ladies for an incall at one of our many Mallorca erotic massage locations, or arrange an outcall visit to your Mallorca hotel or private residence. Whichever option you choose, we promise you a real and unique erotic tantric massage experience that you will never forget.

We take your privacy and discretion very seriously.

Here at Angels of Mallorca we operate the most effective and secure privacy policy possible. All booking and telephone records are encrypted in an unbreakable 128 bit format so that they can NEVER be accessed and read by a third party. In addition, all data relating to your booking, including your telephone number, is deleted and overwritten immediately after your booking has been finalised. This is called privacy.

All photos of our erotic massage girls are real.

All our Mallorca massage girls have recent and accurate photos taken by our own photographers. This way you can be sure that the lady in the photo is the real lady you will see when you meet her. We never use fake images and only use slight retouching to ensure that you can visit the real woman you see on our website.

Customer Service Team

What we do is manage your booking to make sure everything goes smoothly for your naughty massage. Our friendly Mallorca reception team is available 24 hours a day and makes booking and attending your naughty massage a breeze. Whether it's guiding you to an in-call location or managing your concerns, the Angels of Mallorca team is at your complete disposal.

High-end luxury locations

Fed up of visiting dirty and dingy flats for your erotic massage? Angels of Mallorca ensures the highest level of luxury when visiting one of our sexy massage girls. All our ladies are located in clean and discreet locations, easily accessible and with modern shower facilities. What's better than being offered a fluffy towel and a drink on arrival for your massage in Mallorca?

Why go for an erotic massage in Mallorca?

There are two main reasons why you need to experience a steamy adult massage in Mallorca. One is simply to relax. Although many people's lives are of a higher quality compared to 100 years ago, people these days seem to be more stressed than ever. So much is expected of us and so much is placed on our shoulders, from work to caring for family and friends. We need to take some time to relax. In our opinion (yes, we are biased) there is nothing better to do this than with a nice relaxing sensual massage. The second reason is the experience. Having an erotic massage in Mallorca should be on everyone's wish list, both men and women. Life is made up of experiences, you don't want to be sitting on your death bed wandering about what could have been. So stop wasting time and start looking. You're in for a very (and we mean very) pleasurable session.

About our erotic massage in Mallorca

The most intimate connection can occur during a massage, as it involves intimate contact and the release of tension. As sometimes a massage is all we need to unwind and indulge in pleasure, choosing the right one can open the gates of heaven. With a fresh mind, you can always make better decisions and revitalise your spirit, but this requires a good strategy to slow down the senses and mind and let the energy circulate. One of the best known massages is the tantric massage in Mallorca, as it is extremely intimate and requires both partners, the giver and the receiver, to be equally open to each other. The specificity of Tantric massage in Mallorca is the focus on the erogenous zones of the body throughout the massage. The reason why it is among the most famous massages is strongly linked to its therapeutic properties that allow your chakra, the energetic core of your body, to relax and indulge in pleasure.

Tantric massage was developed in 1977 in Berlin and combines neotantric movements with Asian massage on the erogenous zones of the body. As some people can get bored of having the same routine, learning to look at getting pleasure from a different angle can allow you to unlock new realms, discover new types of sensations and have experiences that connect deeply. This makes tantric massage in Mallorca another way to explore each other's bodies and have pleasure. This type of massage is strongly connected to the principle of tantra, a practice that originated in Central and Southeast Asia. This massage focuses on the stimulation of sensitive areas, exactly where most of the tension is retained. In some parts of the world, this massage also includes meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques, without being sexual in any way. The spiritual part of this massage is the effect of the giver moving the receiver's energy throughout their body, helping them to heal from within. The tantric essence of shakti is what makes this practice special and, when used correctly, this force has profound healing properties, both emotional and spiritual. Although this form of sacred massage comes from the Hindu religion and can be traced back to Jain traditions, most of the tantra you will witness is neotantra, a modern version focusing on sacred sexuality and less on spirituality.

Although tantric massage in Mallorca can be done at home with your partner, it is a very special experience to have it done in a massage studio or spa centre. The quality of the massage will depend on the centre, but in most cases, it focuses on the same parts of the body: the yoni massage on the vulva, the lingam massage on the penis and the prostate massage. During the massage, orgasm may occur, but it depends on the individual. The purpose of tantric massage is to release tension, support pleasure and release energy blockages. Although it may seem very intuitive and sensual, Tantric massage in Mallorca can be successful when some principles are respected. As it is a combination of sacred connection and intentional pleasure, tantric massage requires that the receiver is willing to receive the pleasure and the giver is willing to offer it. This mutual agreement between the giver and receiver is necessary for the connection to occur. The giver must be able to understand the body language of the receiver and both must forget the notion of time. If both partners are willing to enjoy each other's pleasure, the result is guaranteed. Once these rules are applied and both partners take the time to understand how they want to be touched and stimulated, massage will be a great way to relax and enjoy the good sensations. Schedule a session with one of our ladies and allow yourself to enjoy the pleasure of being touched.

The benefits of erotic massage in Mallorca

If this is the first time you hear this concept, read the definitions and description below to understand what tantric erotic massage means, get rid of prejudices and be able to satisfy any curiosity. Tantric erotic massage (also called sensual massage) offers absolutely all the benefits of the relaxing massage that we are all used to, whether as a man or a woman. However, if you have always considered massage simply as a solution to relax your muscles or to feel more rested, less tense or to treat some back problems, now is the perfect time to discover that there is a different type of massage that you don't know about: the erotic tantric massage. Also performed with the hands, this process is in itself a deeply sensual experience. Today, tantric erotic massage has come to incorporate the most effective and appreciated techniques (from a wide range of massage styles) by dressing them in a sensual coat, which helps couples or individuals to rediscover or develop their passionate side that they thought was non-existent or lost over the years. As in a well-built relationship, the masseuse will satisfy her partner, who only has to learn to enjoy her caresses. Using some specific tools, the erotic tantric massage in Mallorca helps you to explore your sexuality and to connect better with the other person. Blog Masajes

Happy ending massage explained - What is a happy ending massage?

A happy ending massage is basically a more direct way of describing a "sensual" massage. Basically, the logical conclusion of any erotic or sensual massage is for the male client to reach sexual climax. Now, we don't know any man on the face of the earth who isn't happy with the end of that massage, do we? However, it is an underused term and has some negative connotations when applied to certain practitioners of sensual massage in Mallorca.

How to book masseuses to have a happy ending massage?

Whenever possible, it is a good idea to book a highly professional masseuse, perhaps from an agency that has reviews or has been recommended to you. Of course, you can find a very good quality happy ending massage from an independent masseuse, but the chances are much greater with an agency. This is because any good agency will be reluctant to represent a masseuse who does not have good reviews, or at least a good level of experience. And if a masseuse receives too many negative comments, the agency will stop representing her. You see, if an agency cares about business and reputation, it will separate the good from the bad for you. Again, we must stress that there are truly talented independent masseuses, who prefer not to deal with agencies or share their fees in commission payments. But if you are going to hire an independent, we recommend that you base your decision on a quality review.

The difference between happy ending massage and tantric massage

It doesn't make much difference when some masseuses do it, simply because a tantric massage always ends "happy". But it's important to ask when you book, if they don't make it clear. Some sensual massages may literally be quiet, therapeutic style massages (muscles etc.) followed by a happy ending, while others will be sensual, gentle and provocative throughout, even spiritual! It is always best to ask before booking, to avoid disappointment.

What is the secret behind the popularity of erotic massage in Mallorca?

There is nothing surprising in the popularity of such services, as they have almost no contraindications and are mostly considered as a wellness procedure. It is worth noting that erotic massage services in Mallorca from our escort agency are suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of age and complexion. The only exception is the exacerbation of some chronic diseases. And in connection with the demand for erotic massage in Mallorca by potential customers, a large number of websites in this area have been opened. In the capital of England alone, there are more than fifty of them. Unfortunately, not all of them have a decent level of service and the risk of being left with negative impressions after dealing with such companies is extremely high. We recommend that you evaluate several moments when visiting such online agencies and immediately draw conclusions about the quality of their services, so as not to waste neither time nor money.

Why is our massage service better?

The girls we offer are incredibly beautiful, they take care of themselves and are always interesting to talk to. Before starting to work, all of them are necessarily trained in the art of erotic massage, and only then they begin to please clients. Each visitor can choose a masseuse who will please him more than any other. Instinctively, each representative of the strong half of humanity has a desire not to relax easily, but to do it to the fullest. And if for a man bars and friends no longer help, then a great way to get pleasure is a massage with erotic notes. In our online salon, you can order absolutely any kind of this direction at an affordable price. But there are times when there is absolutely no desire to go to the girl's address. There is only one desire, staying in her comfortable territory. In this case, we can help you by providing such a service as an outcall massage.